Welcome to Northwest Holistic Pet Care

We use acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, diet and nutrition to treat pets from our offices in Bellingham and Seattle, Washington. The world of holistic animal healing is a gentler medical realm that we have spent many years exploring. With natural methods, we support the animal’s own healing capabilities. The common denominator in all these techniques is that they have no harmful side effects.

What is Holistic Veterinary Medicine?

At its core, holistic veterinary medicine implies a way of healing or treating animals using tools with minimal or no side effects. This type of medicine does not replace Western medicine, it adds to it. It is especially effective in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases. Holistic veterinary medicine often has the potential to help, and sometimes cure, diseases otherwise thought to be degenerative or non-curable. Western medicine is often only palliative for chronic disease. Older animals especially benefit from holistic modalities due to the fact that chronic use of pharmaceutical drugs can often have detrimental short term and long term side effects in these patients. One of the important aspects of holistic medicine is that it places more emphasis on the role of the patient and caretaker. Because the caretaker takes a more powerful role, self-education of the pet’s caretaker is extremely important.

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