Nick’s lipomas shrunk by half this week

HI everyone, We think Nick’s multiple lipomas shrunk finally this week to about 1/2 their normal size. Through the years, I have treated him to make sure his mast cell tumors don’t return but now he is older and he is more prone to stagnation of phlegm and Qi (that is the cause of lipomas) along meridians that have been blocked either by arthritis or surgery. But we did a victory dance this week because instead of another surgery to cut out the lipoma (and have them grow back plus not heal easily with such a big incision) we did acupuncture and Laminaria 4 (An ITM seaweed-based herbal product) plus other stasis moving herbs. Note: dogs that eat kibble are sitting ducks for lipomas to form. They commonly form on the gallbladder and conception vessel meridians.


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  1. Janine Vander Yacht
    January 24, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    Donna, Ronan has lipomas that are growing larger. Didn’t know you could help them. Let’s talk!

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